From Such Small Things - Brian Harmon

This short ghost story has all the odd happenings you would expect - unexplained noises, phantom footsteps, knocking on the walls, strange shrieks. But you know what creeped me the fuzz out?


The closet door wouldn't stay shut.




When I was little I'd have frequent nightmares about my closet door suddenly bursting open by itself. Sometimes there would be the requisite "horrible thing" lurking in the there. Even now as an adult all closet doors must be firmly shut, and all room entryways must have their doors completely open against the wall, or else I will freak the hell out.


I thought this was a great story, very well-written with only one typo. I would have liked a little more detail on where the box came from and what was in it, but the paranormal and the unexplained do go hand in hand.


4 stars