Run - Blake Crouch

Short Synopsis: A family of four tries to escape to safety after strange lights in the sky turn most of the population into brutal psychopaths.


If this book were a bottle of shampoo, the directions would be as follows:

1. Run like hell away from crazy people trying to kill you.

2. Escape, improbably and/or conveniently (while receiving/enduring serious injuries).

3. Chill for a while.

4. Repeat.


Wet, lather, rinse, repeat.


I put this book down at 41%. The premise was interesting - the execution not so much. I enjoyed the action scenes, but the storyline became repetitive. Frankly, I started to get bored. Much of the book and the main character's thoughts are written in awkward sentence fragments which I found to be really distracting. I was also bothered by how the family seems to be indestructible. Two GSWs, heavy loss of blood, starvation, dehydration? The family keeps on truckin', no prob. Geez.


I was thinking of finishing this book in the future, but after reading others' reviews about the ending, I think not. Marking DNF.  :(


2.5 stars (for the 41% I read)