Broken Butterflies - Shadow Stephens

Angels, demons, and love triangles, oh my!


A woman named Ilisha boards a bullet train on her way to her grandmother's funeral. Her train collides with another and she is saved by a stranger, Bram, who happens to be her (totally-obsessed-and-in-love-with-her) guardian angel. Turns out he shouldn't have messed with her fate since the rest of the book has Ilisha running from a demon wanting to collect the bounty on her head. Oh, and there's another angel that has already laid claim to Ilisha, and he is none too pleased with Bram. What's a girl to do?


I liked this book, but it does have its issues:

1. A proper editor would be really helpful - misspellings and grammar errors abound. It was distracting.

2. The story tends to jump from one event/time/location to the next with no break between paragraphs. I found it to be jarring and it took me out of the story.

3. So. Much. Sex. Ilisha and those angels must have been really horny. "Hey, you're hot." *bonkbonkbonk* "You have an awesome smile." *bonkbonkbonk* "Did you just sneeze?" *bonkbonkbonk* "......" *bonkbonkbonk*

4. Nothing seems to faze Ilisha. Almost got killed in a horrible train wreck? No problem. Angels and demons do exist? Okey-dokey. A nasty demon wants to kill you? Whatever.


At one point 'Ilisha the Unfazed' decides to go for a jog, completely alone in a forest, knowing there's a freakin' demon waiting for his chance to kill her. Seriously, WTH.



Overall, I did like the book despite the annoyances and are-you-kidding-me moments. I'm willing to give the sequel, Wilted Wings, a shot. Please let the editing be better.


3 stars