Snow - Ronald Malfi

After their flight is cancelled due to a severe snowstorm, several stranded passengers decide to rent a Jeep and drive to their final destination. Along the way they pick up a  man wandering in the snow who, claims that his daughter is lost in the storm. His story just doesn't add up-and what are those strange slashes on his back?


After the Jeep breaks down, the group hikes to the nearest town to search for help, but when they arrive the town appears to be abandoned. They soon find out they are not alone...


I enjoyed this book, but it really doesn't bring anything new to the table. It's the typical horror formula:

  • Pretty female/good-looking male protagonists
  • Pretty female/good-looking male protagonists
  • Father that wants to be a better man for his child
  • Father has to get to child no matter that the circumstances
  • Isolated small town facing supernatural event
  • Small band of survivors grouping together for final showdown
  • You can accurately predict who lives and who dies
  • Tacked-on ending that leaves more questions than answers


Even though I found the plot to be predictable I did enjoy reading Snow, and I plan to read more books by this author.


I'll also cast a suspicious eye on any snow near me in the future.


3.5 stars