Wretched - Clint Gleason
Amazon Synopsis: An ex-soldier and his group of friends encounter deadly creatures in Europe, and their pleasant vacation quickly turns into terror as they frantically struggle to stay alive, leading to a discovery in the depths of an abandoned military base that could lead to the end of mankind.

I picked up this novella because the synopsis caught my interest. I wish I had found the story to be as interesting.

The first 20-25% of the novella introduces the characters and gives their backgrounds. The main character, Jonah, was a jerk, and I never really cared what was going to happen to him or his friends.

As for the monsters, it would have been easy to go with the standard trope of zombies or vampires, but these monsters were original. I wanted to know more about them and where they came from.

The story ends right when its getting interesting but leaves room for a sequel. If it means I can learn more about the Molters and Behemoths, I'd pick it up.

3 stars